Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Doctor? Doctor who? Pt. 1 of a Political Nature

Why Dr. Ron Paul of course!

All puns aside, Dr. Ron Paul is basically one of my favorite people in this world.  My family campaigned for him in the 2008 Election race (funny stories there...) and I am currently looking for a way to help out his campaign race for 2012.  I have posted a lot of articles recently on Facebook about him, and I have many friends that are asking questions about his policies and view on things, especially his more controversial stands on things like drugs and gay marriage.  I have been promising an article about it for a while, so I figured that this would be a good time to address it.

As I have talked more and more freely about Ron Paul and his ideas I have had a lot of issues raised.  People from all over the political scene seem to have reason to dislike him, and why wouldn't they?  Most of the people who are elected to political office are inconsistent with their views, and want to further a progressive/neoconservative political agenda.  There are hundreds and thousands of examples of this, but there are a few obvious ones that we can point out through looking at the past couple of presidencies.  For example, under the Presidency of George W. Bush we saw a fairly large expansion to the Medicare system, and the introduction of the "No Child Left Behind Act" both of which, when you examine them closely, are pretty engorged with liberal social policies.  We also had the introduction of the Patriot Act (named thus to make it seem like you weren't patriotic if you didn't like it) we started a war with several sovereign nations on fairly ridiculous grounds, and there have been a plethora of other encroachments made by the federal government under Bush's administration alone.  Now we have Obama in the President's chair, and you would think that (logically) there would be some difference in how things were done.  After all they are from supposedly polar opposite parties, and they should have some pretty big differences on how things should be done.  Right? 

Well there is one big difference between the two Presidents.  Bush led a fairly slow but steady push towards a larger, more powerful, consolidated Federal Government.  Now that Obama is in office, he is definitely pushing towards that goal, but instead of pursuing it slowly and gradually so people wouldn't squawk about it, Obama is pushing this as rapidly as he can, and he's not really caring about who complains about it, everybody is along for the ride.  An analogy that is frequently used is that both major parties, Dem's and Repub's, are in the driver's seat of our nation, and they are BOTH driving us towards the edge of a cliff.  Now the Democrats are punching the gas pedal and driving towards that cliff as fast as they possibly can, while the Republican's are minding the speed limit and only going 45 mph.  Either way the end result will still be the same, we will go off the edge of that cliff and go crashing to our nations ruin.

The crash and burn result is not our only option though.  There is a much easier solution to this problem, and Ron Paul has been standing up and saying it for over 30 years.  Don't drive towards the cliff....  Its that simple.  Turn around and drive AWAY from the cliff.  Its a pretty radical idea, and probably a little on the fringe, but it could possibly work.  Our country is headed for destruction on all levels and members of the establishment are trying to tell us that continuing to head towards the cliff is our best and only option.  Ron Paul is telling us to change our ways, change our habits on the federal level, and go away from the cliff.  And people aren't happy about it.  Which is why there have been some pretty bad smear campaigns against him in the past.

Well this is about all that I have time for tonight, but please stay tuned for more, as I will definitely be writing more on this subject.  For more information on Ron Paul you may visit his website here:

 There is a lot of information on him there.  Some terms that you will hear him use a lot is Keynesian School of Economics, and the Austrian School of Economics.  Please look up both of those terms, as an understanding of those two schools of thought will be pretty important later on as I talk more about these issues.  Thanks for reading everyone, and stay tuned for Part Two in my Ron Paul series.  I will be addressing the issues of Gay Marriage, Drug Control, and Prostitution.  Should be fun!